D.E.H Chapter 15: Energy Source

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By the time I finished discussing with Gaund, it was already night.

Few people were walking in the streets and the pubs and restaurants were bustling with customers. Arnesti is famous for attracting new adventurers. I could see numerous young looking people trying to blend in that environment. Aside from the shouting of the near social areas, the surroundings were peaceful. One could really tell that this was the capital, with all the big buildings and wide streets. When there aren’t that many people around, it really does make one feel that everything is bigger.

Several lights illuminated the streets, similar to the lamps I saw in the cave. They were most likely powered by mana as well. Just how in the world is the mana supplied?

Anyways, I still have many things left to do. Gaund told me that the weapon will be done in a week or so…

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Sevens: The Seven Great of the City of Scholars

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The Seven Great of the City of Scholars

“… So you were living in a house?”

Having carried Miranda-san’s baggage all the way to her residence, I was slightly surprised upon seeing her estate.

Where it was normal for a majority of the students studying here to live in apartments, she resided in a detached house.

For a noble family with the funding, it wasn’t unthinkable, but that’s only a small portion of them.

Making a bitter smile, Miranda-san looked a little troubled.

“I mean, even like this, I’m the eldest daughter. I’m not being very useful to my House, but I guess you could call it honor? For that reason, they bought me a maoor. By the time I’ve graduated, it’ll probably have been sold off to someone.”

Even when they allowed the Circry’s eldest to study in the city of scholars, they couldn’t have her living in a…

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